Finding the Right Therapist

choiceFinding the right therapist for YOU can seem daunting. Getting a recommendation from a friend would be ideal, but many people do not wish to discuss their therapy, or even disclose that they have ever sought or used therapy.

Assuming you are only considering licensed, experienced, and well-credentialed therapists, I strongly urge you to trust your instincts–asking yourself how comfortable you are talking to this person; how well you feel the therapist understands and “gets” you; and whether you feel the therapist seems open-minded and non-judgmental; friendly; and easy to talk to. You may not be able to determine this until after one or two meetings with the therapist, but you should feel from the get-go that he or she will be understanding and supportive if you decide that for whatever reason, this therapist is not a good match for you.

It is perfectly OK to ask if the therapist has expertise and experience in dealing with the type of problem(s) you most want to work on in therapy. How long have they practiced? What is their clinical style? Some therapists are interactive and will give you a lot of feedback, techniques and tools–whereas other therapists believe that a therapist should be more passive and neutral–do you know which you would prefer?

serenityGoing to therapy should NOT constitute another stressor in your life! Although it may seem trivial or less important, do not overlook factors that may make a difference in how easy (or not) it is for you to access therapy services with a particular provider. Their location, availability, hours of operation, parking and/or access to public transportation can all be valid factors to consider. Cost is certainly important. It is good to ask a potential therapist what insurance panels they are on or what the per-session fee is for those not using insurance for payment. If you do not understand how your insurance policy works, ask the therapist if they are willing to contact your insurance company to find out (and explain to you) the details of your eligibility, coverage and benefits for mental health services. It may also be important to you to find out how the therapist feels about receiving and responding to short calls or e-mails from you in between sessions when you have a question or need to touch base.

I invite all potential clients to call me directly at 773-506-4567 to discuss these questions or others. I believe it is important that your therapy is the right fit for you and I encourage you to take the time to chat with me before deciding on whether to take the next step. I hope to hear from you soon and I welcome your call!