I believe that therapy should be time-limited and results-oriented, NOT a life-long continuous process. I believe that people can change, or else I would not be in this business. I delight in helping people master the tools and skills which facilitate their desired change. I have found that in order for therapy to work, people have to feel comfortable in the therapeutic relationship. I believe that my clients have the right to determine what they want to achieve and are ready to work on—it is not the therapist’s agenda, it is yours.


I offer practical, solution-focused, goal-oriented psychotherapy aimed at timely symptom relief and problem resolution. My clients, being adults, determine their own therapy goals and agenda. My style is respectful, but interactive. I will challenge you to try new ways of thinking and living in order to be the person you want to be, and to feel the way you hope to feel. I do not tell my clients what they should do, but I will always give you my honest feedback about the things you present. I work within a non-judgmental, supportive and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) framework. I help clients identify obstacles which get in their way, and develop tools to overcome these obstacles in order to gain personal control and connection in their lives. I help clients identify and challenge negative beliefs and negative self-talk.


“If you float in the water, chances are you will travel in the direction of the tide. However, what defines us as human is having the capacity to choose otherwise; and the ability, albeit with effort, to swim to the other side”  -Lynn R. Kauffman, LCSW

I help my clients determine where they want to go, who they want to be, and what they want to accomplish. I inspire my clients to feel empowered to meet their goals. I give my clients practical, adaptable, accessible tools to overcome obstacles in order to live the life to which they aspire.